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Making Money Online

Easiest way to make money off your site?
Put ads up.
Which ones?
Google Adsense is the easiest!

Some guys even do something occassionaly called “click-flipping”.
Where they take out a Google Adword to display on Google ads, the ad then goes to a page with affiliate links from another affiliate program or advertizer (not Google ads) that pays a higher amount than you paid for the original click. (Called arbitrage apparantly)

South Africa Sites

  • Offerforge ZA – South African Affiliate Network. Recommended.

Mobile affiliate ads

Have a mobile (wap / xhtml) site that you want to make some money with?


  • admob.com – advertisements for phones. A kind of “Adsense for mobiles”. Reliable. Recommended.

South Africans Making Money Online

It is possible to make money off the internet in a few ways that I know of:

  • Affiliates – Promote some product on your website for another company. E.g. Adsense, Admob (mobile) etc. This can be pay per click (PPC) or else, per action (PPA) etc
  • Actually Working. – Doing some technical work like programming or designing. I also know of someone who does transcripts from audio.

Some inspirational stories


Topboss: South African Online Casino affiliate promotor.

From what I can gather, this lady started in 2003 creating sites with links to online casinos, she then makes some revenue when a person signs up and spends money through her links/sites. “Gaming” is another name for Gambling in some places by the way.

This what she said in 2005:

Ok, The Tax man is already on to me so I have nothing to hide.
I won;t give actual figures but put it this way – Every month I do better than the month before. I have been in this industry for 4 years and have doubled my annual income every year.
I do not have to look at prices before buying something I want – a position I have always wanted to be in – but never thought would happen.
The hard work and late hours is now paying off big time
A bad month for me is $10 000.00 – a good month is $20 000.00 – definately not in the $100 000.00 but I’m happy with my income – especially when I convert it into Rands and considering it is only my hobby and not my real job.
I am one of the lucky ones who work in a bank by day purely for the interaction with people – not for the money , so the day they piss me off I can walk out without any worries.
What a wonderful position to be in – I count myself lucky to be in this industry.
Hope this gives motivation to anyone thinking of quitting

This is R70,000 to R140,000 per month! Passive income! That’s definitely crazy, but something I wouldn’t mind achieving. And that was 2 years ago… :-O

I’m a millionaire a few times over…….in South African Rands !!!!!

BUT, she also says:

It took me 18 months before I made one red cent! but admittedly I knew practically nothing about internet marketing , SEO etc so my main obstacle was the learning side of things.
Just be persistant and NEVER GIVE UP – You’ll get there eventually

So, it’s not all just instant riches, it’s months of waiting and working. Not too bad though.

A typical day of a (bigger) affiliate marketer. Most people would still have a full time job and do this on the side, then move onto parttime, then fulltime.

7am Leave home for the day job as a Credit manager for a Bank ( used to be my fulltime job and then cut it down to half day )
Leave the bank at 1pm and drive to my “Topboss Offices ”
Arrive at Topboss at 2pm and work there until 4pm ( 1 hour drive away from the Bank )
Leave Topboss offices at 4pm and arrive home at 4.15pm
Work at my “home office ” until 6pm
Do the dinner , catchup on my kids news , have a drink by the pool with the husband until about 7.30pm
Back into the home office by 8pm and work through until 2am

I got my info via Gaming Portal Webmasters Association

Vinny Lingham and clicks2customers.com

Another South African guy, Vinny Lingham, who is big in the affiliate marketing story. When affiliate marketers get big, they employ other people to help them. This has turned into a company: clicks2customers.com
What do they do? They place adverts on search engines like Yahoo, Google, Ask on behalf of clients. Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well it is. Just like all great ideas are.

Now a multi-million dollar company. Another proudly Made in South Africa product.

Llyod at retromod

A very helpful and friendly guy who is only but willing to help one out.
Also making an income from online advertising.


James McMullan – Earning a few thousand rand per month from a couple of sites.




He makes money online by working for it. I.E. doing jobs for people who might need a new site designed etc.
He was reporting earnings, but stopped as it has been getting too much!


There are many other people making money online in South Africa. If you know a great story, let me know.

Tips and stuff

  • Multiple Sites – The more sites you have, the more income you can make. Don’t rely on one single site.
  • Don’t be a spammer or use borderline methods. You will lose in the end.


  • This industry requires almost no startup, you just need a computer with internet access – which you have already clearly.
  • You can be one man/women working alone and grow from there.
  • To make money in anything in life, learn for yourself and apply what you learn. Even if it’s just to test it out.