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I believe in free energy!

Green Power Science – Amazing website, using the energy of the sun for everything!

http://www.adequate-energy.co.za/ – They have cool electric bicycle 🙂

Air combustion engines




Tesla’s Fueless generator and more.

The Gray Engine – Claims from the 80’s/90’s about a perputual engine…

Nikola Tesla

Tesla was a genius who invented most of the modern world.

I recently came across some interesting things…
1) A massive explosion that “randomly” happened in Russia. No crater if it was a meteorite.
2) Tesla claims that he tested his ‘death ray‘ on that Day in America, aimed for the Arctic where his friend was asked to watch out for something in the sky.

Basically, Tesla knew of things that we don’t. Including transmitting energy wireless, which in that time was considering pointless, so they just used it for communications instead.

Tunguska Tesla article

A hundred years later only now are some things of his becoming mainstream, like wireless charger.

Nikoli Tesla: The genius who invented the radio, electric generator and motor, fluorescent lights, alternating current (AC), and a “death ray weapon.” He also had plans for wireless electrical transmission and a free energy source. But Tesla died ignored and broke in a New York hotel room… why? Viewzone salutes this remarkable man — the “forgotten genius.”