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Personal Development

Helping yourself helps you to help other people.

  • Pressing Ahead – I think sometimes we just need to press on, instead going on pity trips.
  • stevepavlina.com – Doing some good stuff on personal development.
  • All PowerThe ALL POWER seminar is a dynamic program for personal growth, success, and achievement.
    Amazing. I got to see this guy, Leo Schreven, present this week long seminar. Which he does for free all around the world.
    Everyone should get to see this.
    I dedicated a site to this programme: AllPower.defza.com

    Check out AllPowerSeminarSA.com for the South African offices. (Cheaper too)

  • bonnke.co.zaBonnke Shipalana’s passion is to spiritually connect and challenge young adults who
    (a) are unsure of their purpose and (b) receive no support or guidance in identifying their purpose, led him to give birth to a ministry that focuses on:-
    1. Purpose
    2. Potential
    3. Leadership

    A great South African speaker. With some great resources on his site. And a free motivational / inspirational newsletter.
    “Power of one. Build on the ordinary and expect the extraordinary.”

  • Motivate.co.za – Motivate.co.za


Awesome, now this is what I’m talking about:
purefashion.org 😉