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Building a House

Building costs have risen a lot in the last few years, post 2000. Mostly because house prices have increased so much.

How do you build your own house in South Africa?

Possible? Of course!

Cheaper? Definitely!

Spoke to an elderly guy who built his house about 30-40 years ago for about 3 times less the price someone quoted him.

It seems that you buy your own material, get some labourers to come build, drop them off there, go to work and come back in evening. It’s much better if you have someone you trust who can pop in now and then to check it out.

I guess some knowledge on proper techniques would also help, but maybe getting someone to come around to check it (someone who is a experienced builder or plumber or electricitian (the 3 main components I guess)) would increase the final quality.

Other stuff: tiling, kitchening, cupboarding and lighting.

I so have no experience with this stuff.
I will learn though, maybe build my own house one day.

What ever I come across from now, I hope to add to this page. Have more info? Let me know! Contact Site Owner.

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