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Recycle in South Africa


29 May 2007 * Seems the Helderberg municipality is getting procedures in place, great! Spurred on by the City of Cape Town administration.
June 2007 * Great, I read that the municipality is going to be taking recyclables in with the rubbish collection! Put your recyclables in a separate bag on top of your other (real) rubbish….

We all need to reduce the waste we create.
I live alone and every week I can collect bags of paper (letters, advertising, newspaper), plastic (milk, packaging, bottles), and glass (drinks, ketchup). Why throw it all away? It really needs to be recycled.
If I am using so much, then what does the entire country add up to!

I’m thinking of a way to get a recycling system incorporated into South African’s routines. The best would way would be a team that would go around and collect different bags of the different recycleables from all the homes in the same way that the rubbish collectors do.

I’m looking around the ZA websites etc to find out what’s out there. One can get more info offline by contacting suppliers/recyclers etc.

* Mr Recycle – A great guy who has been collecting recyclable stuff from businesses and residential areas for a few years. Helps to create jobs in our area, as well as clean up the country.

* OK, looks like there is someone else who thought of this and is implementing it already in Gauteng! Great Stuff! Good start by Justin Needham.

Perfect Idea

  • Collaborate with offices to collect their materials, including, plastic, tins & cans, glass and even printer cartridges.
  • Get schools involved.
  • Have drop off points for “street people” to bring the stuff they collect. They don’t have cars, so points closer to them will encourage them to collect more.
  • Have a weekly collection service from houses.
  • Share all profits, with charities, and even the suburbs from which you collect to use to improve their community!

And, the places you can sell your stuff to:

www.paperpickup.co.za – Mondi Paper recycling information for your province/city.

Just need someone in each district/town to organize a bunch of people who need jobs and can go around to houses to pick up recycleables. Take the collected goods to the nearest buyer and make money.

Someone can print out some flyers to hand out in their area to inform residents/offices of their initiative.


It’s much easier if each type of material is put in a different coloured bin. The residents would have to pay for it I guess. Mondi gives paper bins to offices for free it seems. Maybe they would be willing to help with residential areas, which I’m sure they are doing already. We need more people in our country to focus on their specific area and get collecting and informing the people/offices.

Some Info

Green Living

  • GreenSpace.co.zaThe Green Space website aims to provide a one-stop on-line resource for environmentally responsible products and services available in South Africa.

Some questions I need answers for

What are some of the typical rates per kilogram or per tonne of the various materials?
Who at the municipality cares to help do such a thing?

Misc Info / Links

  • ISS – insurance salvage services (sic); recycles old broken geysers etc as far as I know. You’ll be suprised how many of these there are, everyday.


Mondi Recycling – Pretty comprehensive services it seems.
www.paperpickup.co.za – Mondi Paper recycling information for your province/city.
prasa.co.za – Paper recycling association of South Africa


www.plasfed.co.za – Plastics Federation of South Africa.

Metal – Cans

www.collectacan.co.za – Recycle Can Initiative.



Oil – Liquids


Rubber – Tyres



Mr Recycle Helderberg

www.capegateway.gov.za – Great resource for government information in the Cape.
www.capetown.gov.za/enviro/erd – LIST OF RECYCLING COMPANIES AND DEPOTS in greater Cape Town.
recycling.co.za – National Recycling “forum” (real-life)
www.pikitup.co.za – Gauteng rubbish collection company, don’t see that they promote recycling?
www.botany.uwc.ac.za/Envfacts/facts/waste.htm -Recycling info and contacts.
Recycling Somerset West
mzansisa.co.zaOffice Recycling solution: Printer Cartridges; Paper (office, newspaper, magazines); Metals (beverage cans); Glass (bottles, broken window-panes); Plastics (bags, bottles, containers); Cardboard.
www.iwmsa.co.za – Institute of Waste Management SA

www.e-waste.org.zaWhat is e-waste? E-waste is old computers, TVs, refrigerators, radios – basically any electrical or electronics appliance that has reached its end-of-life.

Mr Recycle – Will collect all your recyclables from your business or office.

The Paper Bin on 011 618 2246.

Questions and Answers

  1. Hi, I am on the body corp. of a block of flats in Cape Town and I am wanting to
    get hold of large bins for paper, plastic and cans so that our block of flats
    can recycle more. Any Ideas on who I could contact.

    Hi Franci!

    How large is large?

    I have a bunch of links on this page that you can try.

    Sappi seem to be helpful, as well as the City of Cape Town.

    How about you use some of those “black wheely bins” that we use for our refuse? You can buy them, there’s a company called “Plastics for Africa” that advertise the 240l (vullisdrom/rubbish bin). Their number is 0218524007 or 0215515790/1. Their website is multiplas.co.za.
    Then you can just mark each one with a different colour/marking or something. And it’s easily movable. It even comes in different colours already.
    Also, Cape Town’s Refuse / Black Bins / Collections number is listed as 021 957 4700 / 0800 103 054. They could help too.
    Or there’s a number for Cape Towns Solid Waste Department 021 400 5256 (Wheelie bins).

    Let me know what happens!
    Then I can put it on my site for other people to learn from that are also in your situation.
    Respect for taking the initiative!



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