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Section 18 A Donations

The Government in South Africa lets you donate money from your income and then they will take that money off from your total taxable income. So I see it as a way to personally put your money where “you think the government should“. It’s currently (2007) at 10% of your income that you can give away.

A simple fake calculation example would be: You earn R10,000 and say you would pay R2,000 tax (20%). Instead, you give away R1,000 of the R10,000, which means SARS will only see you as having earned R9,000 so you would only pay R1,800 tax. So you gave away R1,000 but it only cost you R800, you saved having to give R200 to SARS.

So, I’m looking for a list of these Section 18 Non-profit companies that are registered to receive donations.
You can only get these tax off donations to these companies registered as Section 18 NPO (Non profit organization) institutions.

The list

Most schools, hospitals etc are all NPO’s that you can donate to. So you don’t have to look further than your neighbourhood in a lot of cases.

Here is the SA goverments website for NPOs: www.npo.gov.za
It’s not of the same quality as the other excellent SA government sites like capegateway.gov.za, but maybe they will update it soon.
Also always remember to check the South African Revenue Services site, the tax people in SA: SARS.gov.za

Here is a list of companies registered as a non-profit organisation in terms of the Non-Profit Organisations Act (Act 71 of 1997) Income Tax Exempt, section 18 A (1) of the ACT that I know of:

My list

Check out this document I found called: City of Cape Town Donor Directory, it’s got everything here if you want to start a NPO or need to find information on it! or a backup here: city_of_cape_town_donor_directory_07.pdf

Also check out: PRODDER: The NGO and Development Directory of South Africa

Here are some acronyms/abbreviations used

CBO Community-based Organisation
CSI Corporate Social Investment
FBO Faith-based Organisation
MDG Millennium Development Goals
NGO Non-governmental Organisation
NPO Non-profit Organisation
NYC National Youth Commission
NYP National Youth Policy
ODA Official Development Assistance
PBO Public Benefits Organisation
SARS South African Revenue Service
TEU Tax Exemption Unit
SMME Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises

NGO flow diagram south africa fund distribution