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Take Aways or Take Outs

Looking to order pizza or food online? Or at least get their phone number so that you can call and order something to be delivered to your home.

I sometimes look for a list of places that will delivery food to me, so I’m compiling a list of places that do free delivery in South Africa. There are many good restaurants out there that will give you good service. Here is a list of some of them.

Free Delivery

A list of take out places that will delivery to you for free!

  • Scooters – Delivery in 39 minutes or it’s free.
  • Debonairs – If it’s not hot, it’s free.
  • St Elmos – Free delivery.

Not quite free delivery

  • Mr Delivery – Has a large catalog of restaurants that is delivers from! You pay an amount for the delivery though, but it won’t kill you 🙂
    They usually even have once off non-franchise restaurants that they deliver from. For example, here in Strand/Somerset West they deliver from amonst others:
    Antonios, Blue Waters, Cattle Baron, Chicken On The Run, Churches Chicken, Cigarettes, Clover Milk, Fish&Things, Fish Aways, Flameros, Head Office T & P, Liqui Fruit, Manuka, Mcdonalds, Nandos, On The Bay, Panarottis, Primi Piatti, Sasko, Scooters, Simply Asia, Snackshop, Spur, Star Fish, Steers, Top Up and Wok This Way.


Most eating places have specials all the time, just visit their site or phone them to find out more!

Know of any more places that give free take outs delivery? Let me know on my Contact page.

There are usually Terms and Conditions for every take outs’ restaurant specials or delivery conditions.

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My Notes

Well, lately, Scooters has been very popular, which has caused many price increases. Also, it seems their quality is decreasing, as they probabaly struggle to keep stocks up and therefore have to sacrifice on freshness by keeping larger stock for longer.
I guess instant success is all good and well, but Scooters is still growing and have yet to settle.

I find that Debonairs has had consistently good quality food.

St Elmos, well, not always the freshest.

I can only speak for the branches in my area. (Helderberg)