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IM (instant messenger) bot


A few people have asked about bots for instant messengers and the like. Jabber bots, msn bots, yahoo bots, aol bots etc.

So, I’ve decided to create a page of links and info regarding this story of automatic replys.

There’s a new bot that has been released by mabber.com.

code.mabber.com/t/chatbot – ChatBot (written in Perl)

there’s elmer in php

kalbot in python




sulci, but that’s in Erlang 🙂


active-users.pl == really basic idea

class.jabber.php is the core usually for jabber stuff


New public easy free DIY IM BOT service

  • IMified – IMified.com – Free bots for almost anything. And you can create your own ones that they will host/run for you – you don’t need your own IM server.

This would probably be a pay service, but the basic bot will hopefully be free.
If not a totally free bot solution, then i would probably find and contribute to some free/opensource bot.

Aim Bot

Aim have a SDK developer kit you can create your own AIM bots to respond to commands – developer.aim.com/bot.