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8 Reasons CellC could go down?

I predicted this in 2005.

You can read in the news how CellC seems to be performing poorly.

I sent them these emails back then, which they said they would forward to management, but probably didn’t. Which leads to the second reason they will go down – their 1) customer service people are useless.
(2) Not to mention they call them “Client Liaison Consultant”s, bleh)

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Google visiting in South Africa

Just got an email from our Computer Science Department


Google besoek ons Dinsdag 12:00.

Translated from Afrikaans:

Google is visiting us Tuesday 12:00.


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def Gets his Degree

And so it has been done.

stellenbosch university logo

Febuary 2003 – November 2006
Place: Stellenbosch University

Degree: BSc Computer Science / Physics (with E&E Engineering Subjects)

Modules / Subjects (years)

  • Applied mathematics (1,2,3)
  • Computer science (1,2,3)
  • Computer skills (1,2)
  • Control systems (3)
  • Electrotechnique/Electronics (1,2,3)
  • Engineering drawings (1)
  • Mathematics (1,2)
  • Philosophy for engineers (2)
  • Physics (1,2,3)
  • Systems and signals (2)

It has been great!

Next up, Honours (Computer Science).

I put some University material here :
Free knowledge.

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New! defza Notes

OK, OK, dramatic headline, I know.


Just want to mention that I put up a little tester blog for me to put my drafts in the public, so they aren’t wasted in private! Like most good things in the world, the good stuff just isn’t easily available usually. Because not everyone puts their work on the internet, and that’s a lot of people.

Check it out!

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def ZA @ mxit

It is my pleasure to offer you a position as Student Developer in our dynamic team of IT specialists at Clockspeed Mobile. Your commencement date will be 6 June 2006 and the last day of employment will be 21st July 2006.

We look forward to your favourable response.


Oh, yeah, thank you very much Clockspeed / MXit for the Vacation/Holiday Job!

I am very excited and honoured to be working with this great team!

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