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Help find def

def crochet

hehe, hello 🙂

In my content pane on the right, you will see the link called About->find def

I found me in the Spar the other day.

Can you find me too?
If you do, drop a comment, then I can add the image to the collection.

Keep your eyes open… DEF could be anywhere…

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Lonely Finger?!

Ok, this is probably one of the first links to the site….


I really don’t know what the point of it is!?

The flash/mpg video you can download on it was what was shown on TV.
They even send you the link to your cellphone (ZA) for you to download it… for free!?

I think it is just some lonely, sad, rich person who had the idea of creating some sort of outlet for his own ‘depression’.
I mean really, it costs a lot to advertise on TV! (a few times)

They aren’t selling anything either?!
There is no contact details (except for an email address).

Weird is all I can say…
lonelyfinger links to the same lonelyfinger too.

After talking to Jason, he pointed out that it might even be some psycho trying to get people into a cult for some “mass suicide” (yeah right, good luck finding more than a handful of equally sad people to pull the plug with ya)…
the “philosophy” part hints at it being this.
or maybe not.


I actually tried to locating the author of the site…
> I first phoned the domain name registrars (
> Who then gave me the phone number of the designers/owners of the domain. Which I then searched for and found to be gloo, well as well (merged). I phoned them, but the bosses seem to be on holiday till the 13th Jan. ’06.
> Then I will call again, and find out W.T.F.

I’ll post my findings here!


OK, the first phone call: they weren’t aware of it!? I think I’ll just wait for the registrant to come back from holiday first…


OK, just as I would have expected…
Calling them reveals NOTHING!!
They not ‘allowed to’…
So, don’t bother emailing or calling the designers… you won’t get anything out of them 🙂

He just said “wait and see, keep checking the website, it’s updated regularly”!?

As if there is going to be a product/service associated with a lonely finger soon?

So… till that time… this case remains a mystery…


OK, update time 🙂

You can email “me @ lonelyfinger . com”, and a PR (public relations) person will reply (that’s who I think it is)…

Seems his name is Stuart and is on a laptop… (Check the headers of the email you get in reply ;))

And lo and behold, the advertising agency behind this is BBDO: is empty, is the international companies website.
Also, BBDO did do the Virgin Atlantic advert in South Africa…. so, chances that it is for Virgin Mobile are pretty good.

As I said @ schpat‘s website:

1) The only coorporation that is launching soon that will have the funds for this is Virgin Mobile.
They are opening operations up here, using CellC’s infrastructure.

They could be then be doing this to build up hype much in the same way that CellC made those cryptic adverts about the letter “C” before their launch.



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The 7th Generation

20 things gamers want from the seventh generation of game consoles

14. Seriously, get rid of the crates

The crate has long been held up as an example of lazy game art design, a crutch that game level decorators have been falling back on for fifteen damned years. Come to think of it, have you ever actually seen one of those wooden crates in real life? And did you smash it to see if there were bullets and medicine inside?

LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

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