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Ah… the backlogged life…… by Greg Knauss.

I found it at

My entire life has devolved into an endless, grinding slog through my back-log. Everything I do is about catching up, doing the stuff I didn’t get done the day before, plowing through some other goddamned thing that needs my attention. Ending the day without actually adding to the total aggregate is a victory. There are times when it piles up faster than I can shovel it away.

The tools I use to manage information have evolved to the point where I can abdicate the tedious process of gathering it all together to them, and they now do a very diligent job of making sure that it’s all brought to my attention. Endlessly. Maddeningly.

Oh boy, doesn’t this sound familiar?
How many of us don’t work with 3 email addresses, a feed aggregator with 100’s of unread posts, and multiple communication mechanisms? It’s quite scary actually. And how much of it is really important? 1% maybe?

Well, this article does a good job of articulating the situation of a new way of geek.
Yes, I see myself falling into it… but, if you want to get anything done in your life, you have to buckle down and close the browser.
That’s what I’ve been practising lately: Pressing The X.

I think the Internet has become the new TV: a place to spam your time away, learning nothing useful.

Do you think people get things done by browsing? (the new channel-hopping)

So, what you gona do? Stay, or leave?

The choice lies in your… click.


Riaan Manser – Circumnavigates Africa on Bicycle

Circumnavigation of Africa

Amazing. There is just no other word to describe what this man, Riaan Manser, did.

The first person to circumnavigate the ENTIRE AFRICAN CONTINENT by bicycle.

37 000 kilometres … 34 countries. For two years, two months and two weeks, Riaan Manser has been sitting on a bicycle circumnavigating Africa. – An African Bike

I’ve been eagerly reading his articles in our local newspaper, the District Mail.
His unique stories are what adventures are made of!

He kept a journal of his journey, and took photographs, which you can find on his website africa 365.

He records some beautiful and sometimes harrowing experiences on his journey through places we will never see in our lives.

I’m sure that 90% of the time, he wasn’t cycling idyllically on tarred roads.

What an amazing feat… can’t wait for the book.

“Without challenge there isn’t achievement”

One man, one bicycle, one continent.
A legend stands.

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this is lonelyfinger…

“it’s better with 5fm”

Rubbish. What rubbish.

Thanks for the waste of time.

5fm == A joke of a radio station.

Nice waste of their money.


Just as an aside (totally off topic): – dreamhost promo codes.

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No power no fun?

Light, water, cooking, heating/cooling, and communication.
OK, rolling blackouts are no fun. Which of these big 5 can you do without electricity?

Not having power / electricity is just not nice. And it’s going to be happening often here since the one power station is down for a while.

So, it got me thinking… what can you do without electricity?
Finding things to do or alternative stuff to do can be quite difficult…

So, I want to compile a list of things to do when there is no electricity

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If you are on the road… with your mobile cellphone… you might just need something that requires a PC & internet connection.

Luckily your mobile cellphone has a GPRS internet connection & a web browser.

Sooo, I’ve created a WAP page that you can access when you on the road. It lists the things that I find useful for when I am on the move.

So far I’ve got mobile email, maps and za sms.

And, the same page viewed in WML:

Vodacom free sms.
Added National Lottery results (South Africa)
International news
Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail
MSN chat.
CellC sms wap.

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