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Google visiting in South Africa

Just got an email from our Computer Science Department


Google besoek ons Dinsdag 12:00.

Translated from Afrikaans:

Google is visiting us Tuesday 12:00.


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From Windows to Ubuntu Linux

I use Linux a lot – for programming mostly.

It’s capable of everything else too though.

I’ve been using Mandriva Linux (previously known as Mandrake) for a few years now. A pity, the thing just has not been getting better.

I always wonder, “Why are there so many different types/brands of linux?” (called distro’s, short for distributions).

Windows logo icon
Most people use Windows (XP). It’s a fact. Developers, office workers, you name it, they all use Microsoft Windows.

It’s not easy for them to exactly try something else.

Well, try this: Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Logo


Go to the Ubuntu site and you can get a free copy to install (or test) on your computer for free.
They will send it to you free of charge too.

* If you are someone who likes to explore or play around with your computer, then this is a great way to start learning linux, etc.
* Scared of the black screen command line? Don’t worry, with the new Linux desktops out, you won’t even have to see one.

Comon, let’s stop using a hundred different ( linux distributions, and start focusing on making one great and popular, Ubuntu!
Microsoft has a Windows fits all. Why can’t there be a free Operating System (OS) like that?

Ubuntu is free. Windows is not. Just by the way.

UPDATE: Even easier to try Ubuntu:

  • Use a virtual machine – A program that runs a whole computer in a window. So you are in Windows, but you can switch to a window where Ubuntu is running and it thinks it’s its own computer. (Make it full screen, and you won’t even know it’s just a program in Windows.) Try VMWare or Virtual PC, both Free VM‘s
  • Wubi, Install Ubuntu the easy way – No need to change your hard drive partitions either, install Ubuntu in windows as a program (into a folder). Then when you reboot, it’s an option to boot into Ubuntu. Here:

There’s plenty of help for Ubuntu users on the internet. And it’s really easy to get help should you want to find out how to do something!

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iTunes U: Free Audio and Video Lectures (Education)

In a previous post I made on audio books etc, I listed some free sources of audio books and MP3’s for you to listen to on your iPod (MP3 Player), or Mobile CellPhone or any portable device. For those times that you spend waiting/travelling.

NEW: Apple, the legends, iTunes brought out iTunes U , U stands for University I guess.

iTunes U has arrived, giving higher education institutions an ingenious way to get audio and video content out to their students. Presentations, performances, lectures, demonstrations, debates, tours, archival footage — school is about to become even more inspiring.

Great, another place where you can get world class information for free.

Isn’t it amazing that the internet can allow me to get content from the top universities in the world, for free, from the comfort of my own country? – University and educational material (MP3’s etc) via iTunes!

Some universities’ iTunes U sites:

Mostly American universities.
Who will be the first South African university to have an iTunes.domain? or will help you.

Google also broadcasts the talks that are given at the Google Offices to the world for free. Again, without technology, those talks would have fallen only on the ears currently in the room. Now anyone can be there, without actually being there.

Check out my previous page: time management i for some more links.

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Motorola wap dropdown list (<select>) + Motorola ADK

OK, Motorola’s wap / xhtml browser on their phones has a few issues. (Scrolling issue I pointed out)

The Problem

I noticed that dropdown boxes (<select> html elements with <option>’s) on Motorola phones were being shown as a list, instead of as the usual dropdown list that we are used to.

Normal dropdown box html How a dropdown box should look like
<option value="CellC">CellC</option>
<option value="MTN">MTN</option>
<option value="Vodacom4me">Vodacom</option>
<option value="Virgin">Virgin Mobile</option>

Motorola shows it “wrongly” like this instead:

Which does waste a lot of space on the limited screen size of a mobile cellphone.

The Solution

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Windows Updates from Firefox or Opera

We all know how important it is to keep your Microsoft Windows OS updated with the latest security patches / fixes!

windows updates logo

Sometimes, Internet Explorer (IE) just has issues when you try to get some critical updates that you need, from or Automatic Updates, to keep safe.

So, what you can do is use Firefox or Opera to get the updates you need without any problems or hassles!

Here is the address:

Almost any non-MSIE browser works here.

Go get your free windows updates!

Keep safe,


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