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Windows Updates from Firefox or Opera

We all know how important it is to keep your Microsoft Windows OS updated with the latest security patches / fixes!

windows updates logo

Sometimes, Internet Explorer (IE) just has issues when you try to get some critical updates that you need, from or Automatic Updates, to keep safe.

So, what you can do is use Firefox or Opera to get the updates you need without any problems or hassles!

Here is the address:

Almost any non-MSIE browser works here.

Go get your free windows updates!

Keep safe,


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Motorola browser scrolling problem – fix

There was a scrolling issue going around about some Motorola’s (E398 and V3 Razr, as far as I know) that wouldn’t be able to scroll some web pages with it’s builtin web browser.

Motorola logo

Some people would tell me they couldn’t scroll on some of my wap pages sometimes, and it’s not exactly easy to reproduce if you don’t have a Motorola to test with 🙂

So, I saw it came up on the hawhaw mailing list: and decided to test it.

Here is what I found…

Thanks, looks like I’ve found something.

SUMMARY: Don’t use “position:relative;” in CSS for a mobile page for some Motorola’s.

See, (and up to 7.php).

A motorola V3 Razr fails to scroll on every one except the 7.php one;

The difference: the main <div> looks like this on the broken ones:
<div style=”text-align:left; position:relative;”>
The one that works has
<div style=””> So, clearly it’s an issue with DIVs and STYLEs on some Motorola’s;

I tested more to see if it’s “text-align:” causing the issue or “position:”.
I used (up to d.php) for this;

a.php and c.php are OK. b.php and d.php FAIL on the V3 Razr.

The difference:
b and d have “position:relative” in either the div class or the .body CSS.

So, the fix would be to NOT have “position:relative” as a style in a WAP page for some Motorola’s.

The value of text-align: does not affect this bug.

I see in the file it says:

// position:relative is needed to work-around MSIE’s Peekaboo bug …

What version of IE is this referring to?
I removed it from my and it seems fine in IE.

Glad this is hopefully solved 🙂



There is nothing the end-user can do about this issue, but if you do find a webpage that can’t scroll on your Motorola at least you know what to suggest as a fix to the website owner 🙂

Motorola, I hope you’ve fixed this bug already!

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Google Notebook

Well, Google Labs have brought out a nifty utility called Google Notebook.

It allows you to keep notes that are accessible from anywhere.

You can even make notes public…
Check it out here:
my notebook

Read more in my notes 🙂



X close button

Ah… the backlogged life…… by Greg Knauss.

I found it at

My entire life has devolved into an endless, grinding slog through my back-log. Everything I do is about catching up, doing the stuff I didn’t get done the day before, plowing through some other goddamned thing that needs my attention. Ending the day without actually adding to the total aggregate is a victory. There are times when it piles up faster than I can shovel it away.

The tools I use to manage information have evolved to the point where I can abdicate the tedious process of gathering it all together to them, and they now do a very diligent job of making sure that it’s all brought to my attention. Endlessly. Maddeningly.

Oh boy, doesn’t this sound familiar?
How many of us don’t work with 3 email addresses, a feed aggregator with 100’s of unread posts, and multiple communication mechanisms? It’s quite scary actually. And how much of it is really important? 1% maybe?

Well, this article does a good job of articulating the situation of a new way of geek.
Yes, I see myself falling into it… but, if you want to get anything done in your life, you have to buckle down and close the browser.
That’s what I’ve been practising lately: Pressing The X.

I think the Internet has become the new TV: a place to spam your time away, learning nothing useful.

Do you think people get things done by browsing? (the new channel-hopping)

So, what you gona do? Stay, or leave?

The choice lies in your… click.


Opera Mini Alternative (& free wap proxys)

Alternatives to Opera Mini!

Opera Mini button

OperaMini is a program for your cellphone that lets you use almost any website on your mobile / cellphone.

Should Opera Mini not work on your phone / cellphone model or what not, then these other Opera Mini-like options might come in handy. OR

These pages contain links to the alterntive HTML j2me browser programs you need.
The links above host the .jar’s, because it’s hard to find working links at the respective original sites below.


  • CellHtml – CellHtml is a cHTML browser for browsing of iMode sites. This new version contains an impressive list of added features including memory caching, bookmarks, animation and HTTP CGI forms.
  • jBrowser For J2ME – jBrowser for J2ME is WML 1.2 compliant WAP browser for J2ME enabled devices. Support for Images (WBMP and PNG).
  • MidScape – MIDScape is a browser that allows you to access content encoded in the MML markup language – an application of XML somewhat similar to HTML.
  • WebViewer – Reqwireless WebViewer is a fast HTML Web browser for Java -enabled (J2ME) mobile devices. WebViewer gives you access to the same Web content on your Java-capable cellphone or PDA that you get with any desktop browser. WebViewer is not a WAP browser; it’s an HTML browser.
  • jBrowser For J2ME – jBrowser for J2ME is WML 1.2 compliant WAP browser for J2ME enabled devices.

    main features:
    * Communication over HTTP with support for HTTP 1.1.

    * Support for Images (WBMP and PNG).

    * Caching optimizes download time

  • – Shrunq is a smart, small and free web browser for cellphones.
  • The IAppli/MIDP PicoBrowser – The PicoBrowser is a tiny, high-performance, cHTML browser and web server, which fits into a small memory footprint in an embedded Java device.

So, should you have any problems with Opera Mini (which should not happen), you now know where to look 🙂

‘Online’ Browsers (free wap / wml proxys)

There are also a couple of ‘online’ browsers / sites that allow you to view normal full size pages normally only meant for you computer desktop.

“proxies for cellphone internet”

  • Skweezer is both a mobile-optimized browser and a fully functional Web portal, with features such as e-mail, contacts list, RSS reader, and more. To use Skweezer, go to, type in Web address or search phrase, and click the “Skweeze” button. If you enjoy using Skweezer, you can sign up for a free account that allows you to customize your Skweezer service, add and import favorites, and use Skweezer Mail.
  • – Google’s wml/wap reformating proxy. As used by (Google’s mobile search).
  • mobileleap.netMobileLeap Virtual Browser will detect your device type, and instantly reformat websites by compressing data, filtering out unsupported content and fitting the pages to your screen. Your data usage will be reduced by up to 80% — even with images enabled.
  • allows you to surf any website from your cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, Treo, Sidekick, or other mobile device even if the page is not formatted for mobile use.
  • – Everyone has their own reformatter it seems.
  • – PHONifier is both an open source script and a web service. PHONifier is aimed at automatically stripping webpages of unneccesary code. It can be used to surf the web on your mobile device or to make RSS feeds accessible on your mobile phone or PDA.
  • fdm8 – aka feedMate – View any site mobile size.

If it can be done on a pc, it can be done on a mobile. -def

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