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Riaan Manser – Circumnavigates Africa on Bicycle

Circumnavigation of Africa

Amazing. There is just no other word to describe what this man, Riaan Manser, did.

The first person to circumnavigate the ENTIRE AFRICAN CONTINENT by bicycle.

37 000 kilometres … 34 countries. For two years, two months and two weeks, Riaan Manser has been sitting on a bicycle circumnavigating Africa. – An African Bike

I’ve been eagerly reading his articles in our local newspaper, the District Mail.
His unique stories are what adventures are made of!

He kept a journal of his journey, and took photographs, which you can find on his website africa 365.

He records some beautiful and sometimes harrowing experiences on his journey through places we will never see in our lives.

I’m sure that 90% of the time, he wasn’t cycling idyllically on tarred roads.

What an amazing feat… can’t wait for the book.

“Without challenge there isnโ€™t achievement”

One man, one bicycle, one continent.
A legend stands.

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CellC sms via wap

CellC logo

Once again, I have completed another useful work of my own ๐Ÿ™‚

The similar previous one, vodawap, was created for me to send sms to vodacom people (ok, ok, my girlfriend) from my mobile cellphone wap.

Now, I’ve created… um… cellcwap!

If you are on CellC, you get 5 free sms’s daily to send to other Cellc users via their website (

Well, I wanted to access this site from my mobile cellphone so that I can receive sms from it. I am a CellC subscriber. (Their GPRS works now, so it has everything I need now).

Now you can access their site (CellC) from your mobile cellphone to send your 5 free sms a day.

It just costs you the GPRS costs (barely a few cents) of logging on and sending your sms’s.

Here it is:
courtesy of def:

Give it a try and let me know if their are any problems.

CellC via WAP / GPRS:: sms;
This is free cellc to cellc smsโ€™s.


All that’s left is to create one for MTN now!

Vodacom4me was the easiest to do, Cell C was a little tricky, now MTN looks the worst! There is so much javascript being used on the mtn site it’s a joke.

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Online Shop Prices

Well, here in South Africa there aren’t any PriceRunner za or Froogle za type websites.
The kind of sites that allow you to search for the best prices across a lot of different online stores/shops.

…is the mother of invention
So, I searched and didn’t find anything that allows to me to find the best/cheapest price without having to visit each and every online shopping site and search for the item I am looking for one by one…

Search those prices
So I was thinking…. automatic search… automatic search… must create…
I put the idea off for a while….
until… Jason and I had a chat… and he spoke about starting an online shopping site/blog for ZA!
And this was the perfect reason for me to actually create a price comparison engine.
With Jason’s design savvy… I wouldn’t have to worry about creating a good looking site ๐Ÿ™‚

Afraid of not being able to pull it off…
Then, when I heard that the search engine was created by ONE man I knew that anything is possible.

So…. in a while… you will be able to search for the best price on the products/stuff you need throughout South Africa, without as much as a double click.
Unbiased results.

shopit icon

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Street maps and route planner ZA

If you are looking to get from one town to another, there is a good map service from Shell.
It will plan a route for you if you give it the street address (or town) of your location and the street address (or town) of your destination.
It shows distances as well as trip times.

Mobile Portable Maps

You can get maps on your mobile cellphone where ever you are by going to with your Mobile cellphone WAP browser.

Other mappers in South Africa


Comments (3) – South Africa’s premier search engine!

Alistair Carruthers, the one-man machine who created Jonga in two years.

I’ll be bringing you an interview with the man himself, right here!

Read up so long:


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