Just like MSN Messenger, or Yahoo! Messenger, or IRC chat, Jabber is another protocol. The difference is that is an open standard. Which means that there are multitudes of ways that you can communicate and use Jabber. There are lots of chat programs (clients) for most operating systems, even your mobile cellphone.

Jabber ID

Your jabber ID (JID) is your unique username and it looks like an email address (guest1@defza.com). The equivalent in MSN is guest1@hotmail.com for example


In the Jabber protocol, there is something called ‘resources’, basically you can have different profiles for your one user.
So, if you have a guest1@defza.com account, you can login as guest1@defza.com/home or guest1@defza.com/work. And each resource will have it’s own set of contacts that you specified.

Using it!

There are many clients/programs available. All the good client will allow you to you login to your MSN/Yahoo!/ICQ/AOL accounts all at once! So, you don’t need to be running all those programs at once! You just need one.
(I guess that is what the Jabber protocol was created for: an all in one open standard. To prevent all these proprietory/commercial from springing up and allow convergence to a common protocol, but multiple platforms.)

There are programs for Windows, Linux, Mac, and J2ME (mobile cellphone).
Here is the link on the jabber.org site: Jabber.org clients list.

Online Client

– another way to use your jabber account
You can chat online with your Jabber account using a webinterface.
So you don’t need to download any program or plugin to chat using your jabber account!
Here is one :

I have created a free jabber user login and password for anyone to use! Username: guest1@defza.com ; Password: guest1
So, that’s a guest1@defza.com user! It’s not an email address or anything else!
So, just login to any resource you want!
I’ve already added my JabberID (JID) to the /guest1 resource. (My JID is defza @ defza . com)
You can use the online jabber client to try it out if you want ->
How to login with a resource.

J2ME jabber clients

Jabber clients on your mobile cellphone!

Useful Links

jabberstudio.org – useful jabber list of jabber clients, servers, libraries etc.