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All things MXit on this page!

New(est) version of MXit

The latest version (beta) of MXit is available. It’s called Version 3 (or V3) and is available at

MXit version 4 DOES NOT EXIST!
MXit version 5 will be released Q4 2006!
*** New MXit Version 5 Instructions here ***

!!! New Run MXit V5 on PC !!!

If you have any of these, it’s a FAKE and is not allowed. As it could harm your phone!

MXit skins

Might be bringing some cool MXit skin here for download. (if it’s allowed!)

How MXit worksmxit new message

MXit uses jabber.
It uses the ejabberd server. (ejabberd is a Free and Open Source distributed fault-tolerant Jabber server which is mainly written in Erlang.

At the end of last year (2005) was running on at least these 3 monster machines:

Server 1:
Intel Xeon 3.06GHz 7.75GB RAM
Server 2:
Intel Pentium 4 3.60Ghz 3.11GB RAM
Server 3:
Intel Pentium 4 3.60Ghz 3.11GB RAM

Mxit does not use the standard client2server (c2s) protocol, because it would get too expensive if the standard jabber protocol in XML was used:

<message to=''
<body>Wherefore art thou, Romeo?</body>

Instead, mxit had to come up with their own c2s protocol in order to ‘compress’ this into something… cheaper (less bytes of data)!
So, we have this instead: art thou, Romeo?..1

So, instead of 146 bytes being used for the message, only 72 bytes or so is used. (plus 9 bytes for the confirmation message)

The standard port for jabber servers is 5222. MXit has chosen to use 9119 instead. Well, it isn’t a standard c2s protocol, so it probably shouldn’t be using the standard port.

Remember, if your network GPRS provider blocks non-standard ports, you might get errors logging into Jabber or MXit accounts.
This is applicable to International Users! Ask your network provider if they allow port 9119 on their GPRS.

MXit Smileys

all mxit smileys
new mxit smilies
all new mxit smileys

All the smileys available in MXit:
“:-)”, “:)”

“:-(”, “:(”
“;-)”, “;)”
“:-D”, “:D”, “:->”, “:>”
“:-|”, “:|”

“:-O”, “:O”
“:-P”, “:P”
“:-$”, “:$”

+ new ones:
:-e OR :e
: -x OR : x


MXit “PC version”

It is possible to run MXit off your computer.
Learn how to run MXit on your PC here!
Read here for more info.

OR just click this link to run it now! MXit on computer
To use a different number to log in if you can’t change your number in MPowerPlayer, click this:
MXit on PC – change login
These direct links re-downloads MXit everytime.

“Maximum Concurrent Users”

Sometimes the MXit servers are just so busy in the evenings (Not so common anymore), you can’t login!
A solution is to create a jabber account for yourself (there are many servers (za public jabber servers) that let you create a free account, international is fine too) and then use one of these jabber clients for your mobile/cellphone…
Clients for you mobile / cellphone

Once you have your own JID, you can then login with one of these clients, then you can chat to your friends on MXit (add them as:;

The easiest way to get your own other Jabber account is to get a gmail account! Then your username will be, and you can chat via GTalk to MXit users!

Other Info

List of Jabber clients (j2me, jar, midp) for your mobile: Mobile / Cellphone Jabber programs