Running MXit on Computer

!!! New Run MXit V5 on PC !!!

*** New MXit Version 5 Instructions here ***

You can run MXit on your computer using a cellphone mobile emulator.

Method A: Easiest, and slowest

Click here to run MXit on computer!
This will re-download MXit everytime.

Method B: Easy, and fast

1) Download the MXit .jar to your computer.
Here is a version that works nicely:
“Save” the file when asked (e.g. to My Documents) OR right-click the link -> “Save File/Link As”.

2) Click here to Start/Install MPowerPlayer*. Say “Open” when asked.
OR You can right-click the link and click ->”Save Target/Link As” to save the shortcut to your computer for easy access.

In MPowerPlayer, you can go File->Open, and open the mxitk.jar file you downloaded in step 1) above.
And voila, you are in MXit.

To be able to buy Moola and access cool services, you must register with your phone number when registering in MXit. Then, when they say SMS to get Moola or your forgotten pin number, you can SMS with your phone and the Moola will appear on your MXit on PC version! And on your mobile cellphone if you use it there too.

* You need Java to run MPowerPlayer, you can download it here:

Change Number OR Logging Out MPowerPlayer

If you have more than one phone or simcard, and want to use MPowerPlayer and MXit with different numbers or registrations, def will show you how 🙂

A) Nice: Download this .jad file: def’s mxitk.jad.
You must save it in the SAME directory as the mxitk.jar you downloaded!
Then, open this .jad file with MPowerPlayer and you can use another cell number to login to MXit!


B) Slow:
This will re-download MXit everytime.
Click here to run MXit on computer with another registration.

Save, then open this file with MPowerPlayer –

Another MXit jad file for a third number should you need it. One for CellC, MTN and Vodacom maybe?

MXit FAQ’s

It costs you nothing to run MXit on your PC. MXit needs an internet connection to work, and you pay for your own internet connection, whether it’s on your mobile phone (GPRS / 3G) or your computer.

There is other content about MXit on my site at


This procedure works for Mig33 too. Mig33 isn’t as good as MXit, but if you really want to, you can get the Mig33 jar for PC from and follow the same procedure as above to run mig33 on your computer.