Free software is what we all like right?
Best Top freeware here.


Internet Browsers.


Media Players, managers.
Media being audio, video, or pictures.

Post Windows XP SP2 Install

OK, you’ve installed windows XP SP2. There is nothing installed on your PC. Where do you start?

Either, you have all your essential apps nicely stored on a CD or HDD waiting to be installed.
Or now, thanks to Google, who have recognized this common problem, you can download the Google Pack.

Google Pack
contains all the programs you need in one easy download. You can customise the pack before you download.
Here are some of the apps to choose from:

Google- Earth, Picasa, Pack Screensaver, Video Player, Desktop, Toolbar for Internet Explorer, and Talk.
Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar, Norton AntiVirus 2005 Special Edition (6 months subscription), Skype, Real Player, Adobe Reader 7, Ad-Aware SE Personal and GalleryPlayer HD Images.

Windows Updates

Most importantly you need to have ALL the updates installed that came out after XP SP2… That’s a lot to download!

You can either download them all with Firefox or Opera browsers. Or from with Internet Explorer.

But, the easiest way is to download them all at once!
It’s like an auto updater that you can download with all the fixes/patches that came out after XP SP2. Called Autopatcher