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Read more on Jason’s site or dreamhost promo coupons. (I’m cohosting with him.)

And you’re on your way to having your own domain ( and as many subdomains for eg. and personalized email for you and your company/friends/family ( as many aliases as you want!)

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Remember, anyone can sign up for a free dreamhost login so that you can browse just as a customer would be able to! So you know what you are getting into!

Compared to cost of hosting in ZA

Well, there is no comparison.
Look for the price of any local hosting service, and you will see that you will pay orders of magnitude more for a service that is below dreamhost’s.
All thanks to telkom bringing our country down.

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This is also the way you can get your own personalized email addresses! For your company, family, or yourself. e.g.
You can have as many email addresses as you want, and there is a webmail interface for every domain!

Remember, you first need a domain, then you need somewhere to host/serve it.

You can get a FREE domain from, then all you need is somewhere to host it!
That way, you don’t need to worry about paying for your own domain registration every year (about R50 a year for a

Dreamhost comparison chart.

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This type of techno-stuff can be confusing at first, but it’s well worth it for any geek or business man to learn to understand even the basics of websites/hosting.