Time Management I

Steve Pavlina’s “10 Tips for College Students” –
Tips for Students and for Learners.

Some good time management tips too. Especially if you freelance or don’t have much of a fixed schedule.

Smiley with Headphones

What I’ve realized recently is that the difference between the average student and the above average student comes mainly down to their time management skills.
This is true for everything in life too I guess.

The guy who wakes as early as they can in order to start their day productively will always have the edge of the person who rushes out at a minute before the hour to get to work.

The person who doesn’t dabble around aimlessly at the end of conversations gets more work done. More work bringing in more results for you.

We have 24 hours in a day. Every day. No one has a minute more, or less, than anyone else. It’s all about how you use it. Those 10 minutes of aimless waiting everyday can add up to hours a month. Hours where you are free to do anything you please.

Growth through audio

Oh my word, driving. If you drive a car to work everyday, you know how much time that can take, especially with all the irritating traffic jams.
So, how can you carry on wasting so much time? “What can I do”, you ask.
Well, what I’ve come to practise is, listening to audio books. Yes, great isn’t it, listening to audio, while you are driving! Kill two birds with one stone.

Whether you use your car radio or a portable device (mp3 playing devices all round, even cellphones can), there’s no excuse to drive aimlessly for hours everyday. Aimlessly includes listening to spam music on commercial radio.
There are many sources of free audio books and the such. I list some cool sites below.

More Info

LearnOutLoud.com – has a good selection of free audio books!
StevePavlina.com – on the forefront of self development and personal management.
ITconversations – More for the technical crowd.
TED – Technology, Education, Design. High Profile Talkers. With Video options.
twit – This week in Tech.
odeoMillions of MP3s and 1000’s of audio channels—podcasts, music, and more. Listen, download, subscribe… FREE.
Free Academic Podcasts – A list of free lectures from Universities on a variety of topics. This is worth a lot!
PodCast – PodCast.com – free audio about anything. Has a mobile.podcast.com too.

freeScienceOnline.blogspot.com – Great resource for videos on all topics.

apple.com/itunesu/ – University and educational material (MP3’s etc) via iTunes!

Google Tech Talks 1
Google Tech Talks 2


MobiPocket.com – MobiPocket.com ebooks
cbmcint.org/cmm/ – ChangeMake Minute – The ChangeMaker Minute is a succinct message designed to challenge your thought regarding timeless principles that guide our lives both in the marketplace and at home.

Now, there’s no reason not to expand your mind.

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  1. rafiq Said,

    May 11, 2006 @ 10:52 am

    Nice one there. Looks like I’ll be needing ae even biiiiiger SD card for my phone to listen to some podcasts while MXit’in 😉 Mental yoga is good, agree?

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