Motorola browser scrolling problem – fix

There was a scrolling issue going around about some Motorola’s (E398 and V3 Razr, as far as I know) that wouldn’t be able to scroll some web pages with it’s builtin web browser.

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Some people would tell me they couldn’t scroll on some of my wap pages sometimes, and it’s not exactly easy to reproduce if you don’t have a Motorola to test with 🙂

So, I saw it came up on the hawhaw mailing list: and decided to test it.

Here is what I found…

Thanks, looks like I’ve found something.

SUMMARY: Don’t use “position:relative;” in CSS for a mobile page for some Motorola’s.

See, (and up to 7.php).

A motorola V3 Razr fails to scroll on every one except the 7.php one;

The difference: the main <div> looks like this on the broken ones:
<div style=”text-align:left; position:relative;”>
The one that works has
<div style=””> So, clearly it’s an issue with DIVs and STYLEs on some Motorola’s;

I tested more to see if it’s “text-align:” causing the issue or “position:”.
I used (up to d.php) for this;

a.php and c.php are OK. b.php and d.php FAIL on the V3 Razr.

The difference:
b and d have “position:relative” in either the div class or the .body CSS.

So, the fix would be to NOT have “position:relative” as a style in a WAP page for some Motorola’s.

The value of text-align: does not affect this bug.

I see in the file it says:

// position:relative is needed to work-around MSIE’s Peekaboo bug …

What version of IE is this referring to?
I removed it from my and it seems fine in IE.

Glad this is hopefully solved 🙂



There is nothing the end-user can do about this issue, but if you do find a webpage that can’t scroll on your Motorola at least you know what to suggest as a fix to the website owner 🙂

Motorola, I hope you’ve fixed this bug already!

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