Mobile Life


Mobile Life

Cool things you can do on your mobile cellphone.
I’ll provide links and guides on how to.

Read introduction first. (On compatibility, internet (GPRS/WAP))

Normal people

Get free downloads (Games, backgrounds, programs, etc)

Chat (Instant Messengers etc.)

Check Email (Gmail, Yahoo! mail, Hotmail)

Tech people

Telnet / SSH – yes, you can telnet/ssh with your mobile/cellphone!

Write mobile applications (Starting mobile cellphone development with J2ME)

Create web pages for WAP (Start your own WML webpage)

MIDP / J2ME / JAR emulator

A common question is how to run mobile/cellphone programs or games from your PC? To test it out or what ever.
How to emulate or run .jar’s on PC/computer. This method can be used to run almost any cellphone application/game from your PC/computer.

Method 1: EASY

The easiest and coolest free emulator for JAR / J2ME / MIDLET / MIDP on your PC/computer is mpowerplayer. mpowerplayer logo
They even have an online emulator that you can use! It’s just a 1MB download for the emulator/player.

So, you can just go to and click “Free download”, then the emulator will download and install automatically!

You can then run any .jar game or chat program or anything using File -> Open…
There will also be an icon in your start menu to start the emulator.

And that is it!

For example: to run MXit right now, use this link MXit PC

If you can’t start mpowerplayer with an error about you needing java: go here to download Java

Here is how to install the player/emulator on your PC/computer so that you can run any .jar/mobile application:Step 1)

Step 2)

Step 3)

Step 4)


One of the easiest free ways to have a JAR / MIDP / MIDLET / J2ME emulator on your PC/computer is to use the Wireless Tool Kit (WTK) from Java.

Here is how to run the emulator:

Step 1)

Step 2)

Step 3)

Step 4)

Search Terms: “jar-emulator download”, “jar emulator”, “cellphone emulator”, “midp emulator”