Mobile Cellphone Introduction

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Ok, so you have a mobile/cellphone.

Java Enabled Phone

First up, your phone can run J2ME programs (via Java Mobile Edition: J2ME). This could be games, productivity applications, Instant Messengers (IM), etc.
Some phones can run better/bigger applications than others. (Most phones have a 64KB limit on the size of the J2ME program)

Your specific phone determines the capabilities.
There are a couple of factors which determine what kind of programs your phone can run:
CLDC and MIDP versions:

You could find out what version your phone has by looking on the manufacturer’s website, but usually the place you download the JAR from will guide you.
So, it is safest if you download the lowest version one (MIDP 1.0), because then your are almost guaranteed that it will work on your version.

Your mobile’s manufacturer will also determine if you can run a specific JAR or not. Because a lot of games are written specifically for a range of phones, because when programming a game you have to access the low-level Canvas class in order to draw custom graphics.

.JAR is like the .exe of the J2ME platform, and the .JAD is just a helper description file.

GPRS (or Internet access)

When you use anything that requires the Internet, e.g. visting a website or running a chat program, the cost will be what ever your network charges for GPRS data. Call your network provider’s help desk to find out how much it costs per MB and how to set it up for your phone.
i.e. you only pay for the amount of data you use! There is no subscription fee or whatever. And you do NOT get charged per minute when using GPRS!