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Things you can do on your mobile cellphone.
I like free things 🙂 Don’t we all 🙂

Get free downloads

Free games, downloads, backgrounds, picture, programs, applications, productivity etc.

You can either visit these sites from your PC or through your WAP internet browser.
If you visit it from your PC you can save money on your GPRS data bill and also check out what’s available a lot faster before you go with your phone to download the apps.
You could download what you want to your PC, and then upload it to your mobile cellphone afterwards via your phone’s connection if you have one (can be either Cable, Infrared (IrDA), or Bluetooth). Then it really costs you nothing.

Instant Messaging (chat)

Jabber (including MXit), MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM.


MXit is a message exchange program for your cell phone. That means you can chat to people on their PC’s and to other MXit users on their mobiles, from your mobile, anywhere in the world. Communication has never been easier.

And it’s all FREE!
Supports MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM and jabber contacts.

Emulating mxit
A common question is how to run mxit from your PC? To test it out or what ever.
How to emulate or run mxit on PC/computer. This method can be used to run any cellphone application from your PC/computer.
One of the easiest free ways to have a JAR / J2ME / MIDLET / MIDP emulator on your PC/computer is to use the Wireless Tool Kit from Java.
Read about it here:
J2ME Emulator


Sometimes the MXit servers are just so busy in the evenings, you can’t login!
A solution is to create a jabber account for yourself (there are many servers (za public jabber servers) that let you create a free account) and then use one of these jabber clients for your mobile/cellphone…

Clients for you mobile / cellphone
J2ME / MIDP/ JAR jabber programs:

Once you have your own JID, you can then login with one of these clients, then you can chat to your friends on MXit (add them as:;

Check Email

Google Mail (GMail), Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Ananzi Mail.