def Gets his Degree

And so it has been done.

stellenbosch university logo

Febuary 2003 – November 2006
Place: Stellenbosch University

Degree: BSc Computer Science / Physics (with E&E Engineering Subjects)

Modules / Subjects (years)

  • Applied mathematics (1,2,3)
  • Computer science (1,2,3)
  • Computer skills (1,2)
  • Control systems (3)
  • Electrotechnique/Electronics (1,2,3)
  • Engineering drawings (1)
  • Mathematics (1,2)
  • Philosophy for engineers (2)
  • Physics (1,2,3)
  • Systems and signals (2)

It has been great!

Next up, Honours (Computer Science).

I put some University material here :
Free knowledge.

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New MXit Version 5 Download on PC

UPDATE: Click here – — !!! New Run MXit V5 on PC !!! — for instructions!

The easiest way is to go to on your computer and proceed to download. It should tell you “Load v5.0 for Nokia-6270”
When you click Normal at the end of all the questions it will give a .jad file to save.
Save this .jad file to your computer, then
open that .jad file in MPowerPlayer!
This always works!

You will have to do this everytime you want to run MXit Ver. 5 on your computer

If you don’t want to download MXit everytime you want to Run MXit v5 then follow these instructions:
Yes, the .jar file linked to in the .jad expires after a while. So you need to save it on your computer because it expires on the server.

Here’s howto:

  1. Open the .jad file in Notepad,
  2. then download the file specified in it next to “MIDlet-Jar-URL: ”
    (Copy paste that URL into your internet browser; for example:
  3. Then, change the “MIDlet-Jar-URL: ” line in notepad to just have the XXXXXX.jar part in it. (for example “MIDlet-Jar-URL: 4195495727f67.jar”.
  4. Then have the .jar you downloaded and the .jad in the same directory, and open the .jad file in MPowerPlayer.

There we go 🙂

OR, If you are desperate to use any MXit, you can still use the old MXit V3.0 .jar!
Download this MXit jar (or this MXit jar) to your computer and open it with MPowerPlayer!
MXit V3 – MPowerPlayer Quick Start Link
MXit V3 – MPowerPlayer Quick Start Link – Slower.

You can change your number on MXit 5 via MPowerPlayer by doing the following:

* Download MXit from from your PC. (You will save a .jad file to your computer)

* Open the .jad file with Notepad.

* Change this line:
MIDlet-1: MXit,/icon.png,MXit
to something like:
MIDlet-1: MXitDEF,/icon.png,MXit
which makes MPowerPlayer think it is a new program and won’t remember your login number.

* Save the .jad file.

Open the .jad in MPowerPlayer (File->Open).

You will have to do this change everytime you want to use that number you associated with MXitDEF. Beause the .jar link in the .jad expires after a while.


Once again, DEF is on the forefront of MXit on PC 🙂
Bringing you the newest information first!

OK, MXit version 5 has just been released! (September 2006)

And it’s hectic!

Changelog OR What’s new in v5

The main new features in version5 are:

  • File sharing
  • Picture Messaging
  • Change status
  • List of smileys
  • Conversation Saving

MXit Version 5.x for PC

The official MXit for PC client isn’t available yet.
So, in the meantime, to take advantage of all the cool features you have to use an emulator for MXit on your computer.

OK, things have changed slightly since the last version of MXit when it comes to running it on MPowerPlayer.

1) Download these two files:

Save them in the same place on your computer.

2) Open the .jad file in MPowerPlayer

Click here to start MPowerPlayer!

And off you go, MXit 5 for computer!

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Free MTN sms – via wap

Free MTN sms – South Africa.

MTN logo

And so, I’ve created the third sms wap site!

By popular demand (ok, a few requests), I created a free interface for their 5 free daily sms. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

What’s cool about registering on is that anyone can register (i.e. even vodacom and CellC customers).

MTN give you 5 free sms per day to other MTN numbers.


Just one left now… virgin mobile ZA!

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New! defza Notes

OK, OK, dramatic headline, I know.


Just want to mention that I put up a little tester blog for me to put my drafts in the public, so they aren’t wasted in private! Like most good things in the world, the good stuff just isn’t easily available usually. Because not everyone puts their work on the internet, and that’s a lot of people.

Check it out!

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Windows Updates from Firefox or Opera

We all know how important it is to keep your Microsoft Windows OS updated with the latest security patches / fixes!

windows updates logo

Sometimes, Internet Explorer (IE) just has issues when you try to get some critical updates that you need, from or Automatic Updates, to keep safe.

So, what you can do is use Firefox or Opera to get the updates you need without any problems or hassles!

Here is the address:

Almost any non-MSIE browser works here.

Go get your free windows updates!

Keep safe,


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