Search – the second most performed activity on the internet (after email).

So, how is your search working for you?
Spam results are so irritating, and getting more prevalant as the web grows.

Where else can you search?

Google tips and tricks

Well, most people start at google and do their first search there and, depending, you either find something or you don’t.

I would also try the groups search on Google. Groups is like a place where they store a lot of forums where there is only user contributed questions, answers, discussions, so you won’t find spam.

Independent Directory

Another brilliant rarely used feature is the Google Directory associated with the open-directory – Now, a directory is basically what it says – a directory of links. The best thing is that it is human-edited, so there won’t be any spam results. It’s just good clean links – things you won’t find easily on a search engine!

A user based directory can be the most useful search you will ever do. It usually has rare results of speciality (or vertical) categories.

Google not working for you?

Try this selection of searchs that should serve you well:

Meta Searches
Search engines that take their results from many search engines to find the best one’s out of them all.

More Info

There is a website searchenginewatch who had a Best Of 2005 awards – here are the results.