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Shares – Stock Market

Trading shares on the stock market.

I still have to read up some more on this topic. Still learning 🙂

  • You can buy shares through a broker only.
    See jse.co.za for the list of authorized JSE brokers.

Standard Bank is a broker, they are a large company and seem to have the best prices for trading on the JSE through them. There is even help and walk throughs available on their site to get your started. Check out www.scmb.co.za/Equities.

There are a number of ways of investing on the JSE.The JSE operates an equities market with many of its members also trading bonds and financial futures. Traditional options are traded on an OTC basis.

For the small investor, and the investor who prefers to entrust his/her money to a team of professional investors, there is a wide range of unit trusts (mutual funds) in which he/she can invest. The unit trust industry in South Africa is well developed, with many general and specialised unit trusts to choose from.

The investor who wishes to maintain his/her own portfolio will need a stock broker who is responsive to clients’ needs. There are a number of broking firms in South Africa, some of whom are willing to assist small investors as well as the large institutions.

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